Terms of Use and Membership Agreement


1. Terms of use

1.1. This Is www.hospitaline.com.tr in order to use the website and the mobile applications that will provide services under the name HospitaLine (briefly referred to as the “SITE”), please read the conditions written below. Those who benefit from the services offered on this SITE or every natural and legal person who provides access to the SITE in any way are deemed to have accepted the following terms of use. This Membership Agreement (the “Agreement”); Oruç Reis Mh. Tekstilkent Cd. A Block No:12 B/013 Esenler – HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti. by (”HospitaLine") with www.hospitaline.com.tr (“Site”) to this agreement to become a member of the site www.hospitaline.com.tr the terms and conditions and rules contained in the address have been entered into force by electronic agreement between the Decertifying Member (“Member”) and have been concluded to determine the conditions for the Member to benefit from the Services offered on Hospitaline's Website and mobile applications.

1.2. The services offered on this SITE are provided by the service providers who offer the possibility of sales and promotion on the SITE. The legal owner of this SITE is HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti. is there any kind of use and saving authority on the site HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti. it belongs to his business. 

1.3. These terms of use www.hospitaline.com.tr it may change it when necessary, but these changes will be published regularly on the SITE and will be effective from the same date.

1.4. Every natural and legal person who uses the SITE services and provides access to the SITE, www.hospitaline.com.tr any changes made by him to the provisions of these terms of use are deemed to have been accepted in advance. 

1.5. www.hospitaline.com.tr it reserves the right to change the information, forms and content contained or received on this SITE at any time.

2. Definitions

2.1. WEBSITE: www.hospitaline.com.tr these are websites and mobile applications that can be accessed from an online (on-line) environment where various services and content are offered within the framework determined by. 

2.2. MEMBER: www.hospitaline.com.tr anyone who wants to use it to purchase products / goods /services, by filling out the membership form he has selected completely, www.hospitaline.com.tr every natural and legal person whose membership to the site is accepted is a member. They will be briefly referred to as “MEMBERS” in this agreement. individuals who have reached the age of 18 years can become a member by filling out the relevant membership form on the SITE in full with their real identity information. the "member name” is private to the member and the same ”MEMBER name" is not given to two different MEMBERS.

2.3. USER/VISITOR: www.hospitaline.com.tr , is a person who visits the website with or without shopping. 

2.4. APPROVAL PROCESS: By the MEMBER, the membership form www.hospitaline.com.tr it is the process of displaying the USER's information on the screen as a result of filling out and approving it from the website. 

2.5. LINK: A link that allows access to another website, files, content through the SITE, or to the SITE, files, and content from another website. 

2.6. CONTENT: All kinds of information, files, images, programs, figures, prices, etc. published or accessible on the SITE and/or from any website. they are visual, literary and auditory images. 

2.7. WEBSITE TERMS OF USE AND MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT: With real and/or legal entities that will benefit from commercial and personal services offered through the SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr this is the contract concluded electronically between the website.Dec. 

2.8. PERSONAL INFORMATION: The member's identity, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, which parts of the SITE he visited, domain type, browser type, date of visit, time, etc. are information.

2.9. Transaction Board: Refers to a Member-specific page where members' personal data, health and medical information necessary for using the health, accommodation and transportation-transfer-car rental services on the Site are located, which can only be accessed with the username and password determined by the relevant Member.

2.10 Privacy and Cookie Policy:, The general privacy policy regarding the data, including the personal data transmitted by Members through the Site, and the Cookie Policy on how to receive the preferences and likes of Members during their visit to the Site, in order to ensure the functioning of the Site in accordance with its purpose and to improve things, and through the Site https://................................ The published text refers to

2.11 Clarification Statement for the Protection of Personal Data: Based on the purpose and legal reason for which the members' data are processed and the method of obtaining personal data 3. Https:// Explaining the transfer to people and at the same time the rights of the Relevant People and via the Site................................ Refers to the published text.


3.1. www.hospitaline.com.tr the website consists of electronic commerce, which is defined in the Consumer Law legislation in terms of the services that it will provide through the SITE in general. 

3.2. www.hospitaline.com.tr the website, the services that it will provide through the SITE are not limited to; www.hospitaline.com.tr products/goods /services offered for sale at the address; After the price has been paid by the MEMBER, if the supplier's ability to provide services is available, that is, if the contract is loaded to the seller; if the service delivery debt is executable; at the agreed date and time, the service is provided to the customer by the employees of the relevant institution www.hospitaline.com.tr it is delivered in his name without shame. 

3.3. www.hospitaline.com.tr , is completely free to determine the scope and nature of the services it will provide through the SITE, and it is considered to have put into effect the changes it will make regarding the services by publishing them on the SITE. 

3.4. In order to benefit from the services to be offered on the SITE, users www.hospitaline.com.tr it is necessary to carry the characteristics that will be determined by and specified in the content of the relevant section of the SITE. www.hospitaline.com.tr , is completely free to determine these features and is considered to have put into effect the changes it will make to the features by publishing them on the SITE.


4.1. In order to become a member, it is necessary to be a minor and not to have been temporarily suspended from membership, suspended from membership, frozen or banned from membership indefinitely by Hospitaline within the framework of this Membership Agreement. If there is a dispute about which person the membership rights and obligations belong to, and if these people make a request from Hospitaline in this regard, Hospitaline has the right to take action accordingly, recognizing that the last person who paid Hospitaline for any Service using the relevant membership account is the owner of the Membership account.

4.2 Without giving reasons to the hospital at any time, without making any explanation, without notification, compensation, penalty, etc. it may unilaterally terminate this Membership Agreement with immediate effect without any other obligation, terminate membership without notice or temporarily terminate it. Cases of violation of the rules, conditions and announcements and contracts specified on the Site, cases of posing a risk to the information security system of the Member's Hospital, etc. the reasons are from the cases of termination of membership or temporary termination of membership.

4.3 Through the SITE, www.hospitaline.com.tr links may be provided to other websites and/or other content that are not under their control and are owned and operated by other third parties. These links are intended to provide USERS and MEMBERS with ease of orientation and do not support any website or the person who operates that site. The link does not constitute any kind of declaration or guarantee for the information contained on the website provided. About the websites and their contents accessed through the links on the SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr as such, there is no liability and the damages that may arise from the use of these sites are the responsibility of the USERS' MEMBERS themselves. www.hospitaline.com.tr as well as linking access to such linked websites with its own written consent, www.hospitaline.com.tr it can always cut off access to links that are not considered appropriate by it.

4.4. www.hospitaline.com.tr , constantly checks the accuracy and timeliness of the information available on the SITE. However, despite the efforts made, the information on the SITE may lag behind the actual changes. The materials and information contained in the content of the SITE are presented at the time they are provided to the SITE, there may be differences between the current status of the relevant service or information and the status contained on the SITE. Dec. No express or implied warranties or commitments are made about the timeliness, accuracy, terms, quality, performance, marketability, suitability for a particular purpose and the completeness of the information contained on the SITE, including, but not limited to, the impact on other information, services or products related to or independent of them.

4.5. The USER and the MEMBER agree that the files, information and documents on the SITE that are available for download and/or sharing may not be free of viruses, worms, trojans, dialer programs, spam, spyware or any other malicious and damaging codes or materials such as these, and the SITE does not make guarantees on these issues. It is the USER's sole responsibility of the MEMBER to meet, maintain and update all software and hardware needs necessary to prevent such malicious and harmful programs, codes or materials, to ensure the accuracy of data inputs and outputs, or to recover any lost data. No damage that may be caused by such malicious programs, codes or materials, that the USER and the MEMBER or third parties may suffer due to data inaccuracies or losses www.hospitaline.com.tr he is not responsible. No damage that the USER and the MEMBER or third parties may suffer due to such malicious programs, codes or materials, data inaccuracies or losses may be caused by www.hospitaline.com.tr he is not responsible.

4.6. www.hospitaline.com.tr , all types of services, products, campaigns, etc. available on this SITE and the SITE extension. reserves the right to change the information and the terms of use of the SITE, as well as the information provided on the SITE without prior notice, to rearrange the SITE and its contents, to stop and/or pause publication. The amendments shall enter into force upon their publication on the WEBSITE. By using the SITE or logging in to the SITE, these changes are also deemed to have been accepted. These conditions also apply to other linked web pages. The person who is a member agrees to receive weekly newsletters and campaign announcements by e-mail. www.hospitaline.com.tr , as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for and in the event of interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, loss, delay of transaction or communication, computer virus, communication error, theft, destruction or unauthorized entry, modification or use of records.

4.7. Due to the services provided by third parties and the content published on the SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr , the institutions with which it cooperates, www.hospitaline.com.tr employees and managers, www.hospitaline.com.tr authorized sellers are not responsible. The commitment to the accuracy and legality of the information, content, visual and auditory images provided and published by any third party is entirely the responsibility of the third parties who perform these actions. www.hospitaline.com.tr , does not undertake and guarantee the security, accuracy and legal compliance of the services and content provided by third parties.

4.8. Users of the SITE may only make transactions on the SITE in accordance with the law and for personal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibilities of USERS and MEMBERS in every transaction and action they perform on the SITE belong to them. Every USER and every MEMBER, www.hospitaline.com.tr and/or undertakes not to engage in any activity that would constitute an infringement of the rights of another third party. Due to damages suffered or may be suffered by third parties due to the activities of USERS and MEMBERS on the SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr the company has no direct and/or indirect responsibility.

4.9. The owner of this SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) is his business. The information, articles, images, brands, slogans and other signs contained on this SITE, as well as programs for the protection of information related to other industrial and intellectual property rights, page layout and presentation of the SITE www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) it is the property of the organizations from which its business receives permits and licenses. All types of databases, websites, software-codes related to the information or SITE pages on this SITE, html code and other codes, etc. partially or completely copying, modifying, publishing, sending, distributing, selling products, designs, images, texts, visual, auditory, etc. images, video clips, files, catalogs and lists contained in the content of the SITE through online or other media is prohibited. The USER and the MEMBER shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process the software, hardware and content of the SITE listed above and not limited to, both by these actions and by other means www.hospitaline.com.tr it agrees and undertakes that it will not enter into competition directly and/or indirectly. USER and MEMBER, www.hospitaline.com.tr their services, www.hospitaline.com.tr their information and www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit or display the copyrighted works of his/her company or someone else www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) does not have the right to allow his business to access or use its services. Partially copying, printing, processing, distributing, reproducing, displaying the information on this page, but for non-commercial personal needs and www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) is possible with the written permission of the company.

4.10. www.hospitaline.com.tr , May use the information transmitted to it by USERS and MEMBERS through the SITE in accordance with the provisions of the “Privacy Policy” and “Terms of Use”. It can process this information, sort and store it on a database. www.hospitaline.com.tr at the same time; The USER and the MEMBER's identity, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, which parts of the SITE they visited, domain type, browser type, date of visit, time, etc. may also use the information for purposes such as statistical evaluation, advertising campaigns and providing services for the person for commercial messages. Personal information belonging to USERS and MEMBERS will not be disclosed to real and legal third parties, except at the request of the authorities authorized by law and in the following cases. Personal information is rarely www.hospitaline.com.tr to third parties acting for or on behalf of him or her; or www.hospitaline.com.tr it is provided to those related to the nin's business in order to better process the original purposes of using the data or to provide better services in accordance with the purposes proposed by USERS and MEMBERS.


www.hospitaline.com.tr , accessing the SITE, the SITE or the information and other data on the SITE, programs, etc. due to its use, it is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise due to breach of contract, tort, or other reasons. www.hospitaline.com.tr , as a result of breach of contract, tort, negligence or other reasons; does not accept any responsibility for interruption of the transaction, error, negligence, interruption. By accessing or using this SITE or other linked websites www.hospitaline.com.tr (HospitaLine Sağlık Turizm ve Bilişim Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti.) it is accepted that its business is separated from all kinds of liability that may arise as a result of use /visit, all kinds of damages and claims rights, including court and other expenses.

6.         Terms of Use of the Site

6.1 The Site allows the USER / VISITOR/ MEMBER who wants to get HEALTH, ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORTATION-TRANSFER-CAR RENTAL services and NATURAL or LEGAL PERSONS who want to provide HEALTH, ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORTATION-TRANSFER-CAR RENTAL services or who want to market their own materials for this, to find each other with the profiles they will create, to communicate through this means. Apart from this, it has no influence / authority or responsibility regarding communication between the parties, the sale of services, products, or the responsibilities and possible demands of the parties towards each other. Dec. For this reason, any problems that may arise between the parties, claims for material and non-pecuniary damage, sanctions of actions against the Turkish Penal Code or other Decrees belong to the parties.

6.2 The system is used by organizations, intermediaries, etc. other than those who personally want to get HEALTH, ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORTATION-TRANSFER-CAR RENTAL services and those who personally want to provide HEALTH, ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORTATION-TRANSFER-CAR RENTAL services.  it is closed to people.

6.3 Since the Site receives income only in exchange for the portal service it offers, it issues an invoice to the service server for this item. The service to be offered or the material to be sold is billed by the service provider.

6.4 In the event of a breach of the Agreement, all losses and damages incurred by the Site will be borne by the user / member who uses the Site and caused the violation. 

6.5 The site contains information about the purchase and sale of services / products, improving the system, finding solutions to disputes that may arise, ensuring the validity of our membership agreement, etc. he can keep it for purposes, he can use it.

6.6 Taxes arising from transactions to be performed by users / members (sales of materials, income tax in exchange for service, withholding, VAT, etc.) belongs to them.

6.7 The User and the Member accept and undertake that HOSPITALINE is authorized to disclose confidential/private/commercial information belonging to Members to official authorities in cases where HOSPITALINE is obliged to make disclosures to official authorities in accordance with the provisions of applicable legislation, and therefore will not claim compensation from Kurslab under any name or name. 

Jul 6.8 It is the User's and Members' sole responsibility to ensure the security of the username and password they use when entering the site Membership Account, to ensure that it is used exclusively and individually by them, to keep it from third parties. The user and the Member will be responsible for any material and/or moral damages suffered or may be suffered by other, Members and/or HOSPITALINE and/or third parties due to negligence or defects in this regard.

6.9 The user and the member acknowledge and declare that the service provider is the seller party and he is the buyer party in the distance sales contracts to be concluded for any service purchase through the Site; HOSPITALINE is not a party to the said distance sales contract relationship; therefore, only the service provider is personally liable to him in all respects in accordance with the applicable consumer law legislation and other legislation. In this context, the Member is responsible for the quality of all services displayed and sold on the site, compliance with legislation, issuing a warranty certificate, billing, damages resulting from tort that may occur, and other necessary document delivery and after-sales service, etc. accepts and declares that only the servicer is responsible for its services and the timely delivery of the products.

6.10.HospitaLine is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, integrity, security and credibility of the content published on HOSPITALINE by users or booking sites. There is no recommendation of HOSPITALINE, especially during the selection of hotels and similar accommodation facilities.

6.11. All agreements that arise thanks to this service are between HospitaLine users and the relevant external contract partner.Dec. HospitaLine certainly does not act like an organizer or travel agent. In particular, in cases of cancellation and refund, the relevant organizer or travel agency terms and conditions apply. The contact for the processing of reservations and payments, as well as the addressee of questions about the contract is the reservation website. HospitaLine is not covered by contractual arrangements, agreements and indictments; these Decrees are valid between the HospitaLine user and the relevant contract booking site.

6.12. HospitaLine does not assume the accuracy and completeness of the content uploaded by Community members or booking sites. This content has been provided by the booking sites or the Community for publication on the website with a reference to the relevant hotel. There can be no influence of HOSPITALINE on this information (especially pictures, comments and opinions). User-generated content and report publication do not affect HOSPITALINE's opinion. In particular, HospitaLine does not claim that this content is its own content.

6.13 Hyperlinks, advertising areas, accommodation, travel location and other information about the agency do not constitute a recommendation made by HOSPITALINE to third parties. For technical reasons, the price updates we receive from booking sites are not real-time. That's why sometimes the prices on booking sites may not be the same as the prices on HOSPITALINE. Hospital does not guarantee the accuracy of the information, especially in terms of price and availability.

6.14 It is not responsible for technical failures, as it is not for damages caused to the hospital within its area of responsibility or due to force majeure. HospitaLine does not guarantee the uninterrupted existence of data and can perform technical maintenance for a freely selected period of time.

7. Turnover 

www.hospitaline.com.tr , may transfer this agreement in whole or in part at any time without notice. However, the USER and the MEMBER will not be able to assign their rights or obligations in whole or in part in this Membership Agreement or any part of it without receiving the written approval of hospitaline.


In all cases deemed to be force majeure by law, www.hospitaline.com.tr he is not responsible for late fulfillment or non-fulfillment of these Terms of Use and Membership Agreement. In these and similar situations, www.hospitaline.com.tr from the point of view, delay or non-performance or default will not be considered or for these cases www.hospitaline.com.tr (TwinsMed Healthcare Management and Consulting Services Ltd. Şti.) the company will not have any compensation obligations.


Disputes arising out of these “Terms of Use and Membership Agreement” are subject to Turkish Law and the Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized. . The User and the Member agree that electronic and system records, commercial records, ledger records, microfilm, microfiche and computer records kept by HOSPITALINE in its database, servers will constitute valid, definitive and exclusive evidence in disputes that may arise from this Membership Agreement, HOSPITALINE has made since the offer of oath, and this article HMK 193. Accepts, declares and undertakes that it is in the nature of an evidentiary contract in the sense of the Article.


These Terms of Use and the Membership Agreement, www.hospitaline.com.tr it becomes effective on the date it is announced in the content of the SITE. Users and MEMBERS agree to the provisions of this agreement by using the SITE. www.hospitaline.com.tr , may make changes to the provisions of this agreement at any time, the changes will be published on the WEBSITE with the version number and the date of the change and will enter into force on the same date.